MIP – Management of Industrial Performance of Dairy Companies

A unique degree in France for current and future executives in the dairy industry

The "Management of Industrial Performance of Dairy Companies" Specialised Master (MS) is an advanced professional degree, which can be done through both initial and continuing education. It is designed for current executives in the dairy sector, as well as for students (with Master, Engineering and Business School degrees) who are pursuing their studies and want to specialise in the sector. The MIP Specialised Master aims to bring the knowledge, skills, and tools that are necessary to both take on managerial responsibilities in dairy companies, and to manage their industrial performance.


The MIP MS® offers an original organisation which brings several institutions of higher education together. AgroSup Dijon and ENSAIA oversee the degree and it is taught in partnership with ENILBIO de Poligny, ENIL de Mamirolle and AgroParis Tech.

13 months to become a specialist

A work-linked training scheme which combines:

MIP MS Advantages

• For students pursuing their studies

- Develop a dual competence with a specialisation in dairy after your scientific, business or management studies

- Build your professional network and join the industry- Enhance your CV with professional experience in the dairy sector with a company mission

• For current executives

- Have your expertise recognised to foster your professional development within your company

- Compare your experience with both the scientific input from academics and with the experience of professionals 

• For companies in which missions are carried out

- Accompany the professional evolution of managers and executives with continuing education

- According to the chosen study subject, benefit from potential productivity, process improvement, etc.

Job opportunities

Plant Manager, Production Manager, R&D Manager, Purchasing Manager, Consultant...

What is a Mastère Spécialisé®?

A Mastère Spécialisé® is a post-graduate degree which is accredited by the prestigious Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE).The Mastère Spécialisé® is a certification guaranteeing international standards of excellence and equivalence, as well as a degree awarded by AgroSup Dijon.


5 year post-secondary school French or international degree (Engineering, Master, Business or Management School degree)

4 year post-secondary school degree for applicants with justification of a three year minimum professional experience,

 Derogations, for 30% of applicants

- 4 year post-secondary school degree with no professional experience

- 3 year post-secondary school degree with professional experience

- Validation of professional experience.

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Vice-President, Lactalis American Group, Jean-Paul Quiblier

Our companies are seriously looking for executives who are trained specifically in the dairy industry. A multidisciplinary approach which allows these executives to master economic intelligence and industrial performance is a solid asset to our dairy and cheese making firms. Knowledge of the economic environment at a local, national, European and international level, in addition to understanding ever increasing volatile markets are the keys to sustaining and developing competitiveness in the dairy industry.

The MIP Specialised Master (MS® MIP) allows future executives to be part of the strategic orientation of their companies.


Production Site Manager, Fromagerie Guilloteau, Christophe Pillon, Class of 2014.

The MIP Specialised Master (MS® MIP) offers several opportunities. For the degree seeker, it's the chance to gain perspective on his/her profession, to acquire more specific knowledge and to create a network with professionals in the dairy sector.

For companies, there is a substantial financial gain thanks to the study the degree seeker carries out for his/her professional thesis.